“bittersweet”: seven poems

I was going to write a blog post tonight, but then I didn’t. Here are some poems I wrote on Sunday during a potluck/writing time session. (We did six 10-minute sessions, mostly with one-word prompts. It was fun; try it sometime.) N.b. These are first drafts.

I tried to start a food blog once
played with the idea of calling it bitter/sweet
slashes in words are fun like that
can split a whole into smaller, fractured wholes*

artichokes are like a metaphor
for … something
the way they condition your tongue for bitterness
making everything that comes after taste bright, sweet, whole
maybe heartbreak
or love, itself
the moment of finally finding sweetness again
Is like reaching the heart of an artichoke

why are artichoke hearts
preserved in pickling liquid
they’re bitter enough all by their own selves

chocolate melts on tongues
the way my heart puddles into my toes
when you flash your dimpled smile
and I try to remember recall how to speak

espresso, dark, complex
bitter tang that lingers
inviting you to hold a sugar cube on your tongue

lemons from my backyard
what a luxury
we found a house, here, that has a lemon tree
but the fruit doesn’t taste the same
not as tart, or bright
not like the lemons from home
I cut the lemon curd here with the juice of a lime

bittersweet, as word
makes me think of lovers gone
and, also, lemons

Pick a favorite! Mine’s the haiku. Bonus points for posting a poem in the comments. (Bonus bonus points if you stick to the time limit.)

Update: Thanks to Colin for suggesting “recall” for No. 4. Poem,now less clunky!

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