Digital thought blueprint

First, a bit of irony: I got so excited about launching this blog that I started a new (print) journal so I could write about being excited about how excited I was to be writing. Actually, that last sentence is probably a pretty good indicator of

Why I’m starting this blog:
If meta-cognition were tactile, I would high-five it, then go online, post about it, and +1 my own post. I’m also interested in the ways in which technology, social media and the Internet (along with myriad associated software, hardware, theory, post-structuralist/materialist/post-everything/Web 2.0/open-source musings) changes/has changed the way that we — and I — think, interact and view community, time, ethics, learning and identity. I’m exploring those shifts* by tracking my own thoughts back to “original” sources and influences.

What this blog is:
OK, so, like, essentially, I’m trying to create a digital archive of my brain (read: experience of consciousness and society), in über-hyperlinked blog form. At this moment, I’m envisioning a mix of posts on: social media, digital communities, anthropology, digital ethics, theory, participatory culture and identity formation. I might also repost content from other social media networks, tapping into whatever scattered digital archive of myself already exists.

What I’d like from you:
Comments and permission to comment on your comments. As much as this is an exercise in navel-gazing (digital native-gazing?), I’m also kind of doing my friends a favor, since people’s eyes tend to glaze over when I drool while talking initiate conversations about some of these topics. Blogging is my concession to the people I care about; now you can opt in to these conversations.

Also-ran titles and taglines:**

  • “idea potluck” —> “idea smorgasbord” –> “thoughtluck
  • digital native-gazing
  • wikiMEdia

* (self-indulgently, narcissistically, solipsistically, yes, this is a blog, remember?)
** Just kidding, but I’m not above bad puns and portmanteaus.***
*** While you’re down here, you should know that I also love footnotes. I might try to work in mouse-over text instead, though.

5 responses

  1. the first blog I started the summer after third year I also envisioned it being a digital replica of sorts of me, of my personality. so I wrote mostly with abandon, about anything. but it ended up being a bit too much about me. more of a diary of sorts. not the sort of blog I had originally planned. so I scrapped it! (actually I just made the whole thing private). started a new blog but haven’t written post yet. but I still like the whole ‘digital archive’ idea.

    oh, and also, I lurve footnotes too! though I never did figure out how to make footnotes in blogger a la MS word.

    • I think the last post was a good indicator that I need to start exercising a little less abandon. I mean, the disclaimer was that this would be a rather solipsistic exercise, but it’s actually leading to interesting conversations. Machiko sent me an interesting article; I’ll forward it to you.

      P.S. There’s a plugin for footnotes if you’re using the WordPress platform, or you can jury-rig using page jumps.

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